A European A119ke Adventure

This A119ke had quite the adventure, heading from New Zealand to Belgium!

This project involved the move of an A119ke, which was more than happy to say goodbye to NZ for its exciting European adventure.

We organized the helicopter to board a ship for its non-stop trip direct to Europe, with minimal disassembling of the helicopter.

The A119ke

The AW119 is a single-engine multirole helicopter, AgustaWestland promote the type as possessing excellent flight qualities with high levels of controllability, maneuverability and inherent safety. The design of the rotorcraft is derived from Agusta's earlier and highly successful A109 helicopter, differing primarily by only being equipped with a single engine (as the A109 was originally designed), a Pratt & Whitney PT6B-37A turboshaft engine, and using fixed skids in place of the A109's retractable wheeled landing gear arrangement.