An Easter Surprise

Landing back in Auckland after completing a project in Perth, Mike checked his phone and received a message to be in London urgently for another job.

Organising an Antonov charter is no mean feat. And doing so in less than two days over Easter weekend is extremely impressive - even if we do say so ourselves!!!

Twelve hours later he was sitting on an Emirates A380 and off to help out a key client with an Antonov charter.

The AN-124 and 3 Super Pumas

Volga’s boardroom turned into a war room and the AN-124 was on its way to Poland to pick up the first helicopter.

Once loaded it started its three hour flight to Gatwick.

It caused quite a stir, with only one other Antonov landing there in the last 10 years, everyone was coming over for a look (even the Liverpool Football Team!).

Another Successful Project

Five hours later, in near freezing temperatures, the team squeezed in three Super Pumas, closed the nose back up and sent her off to America.

Another successful job done!